Working Papers

1.Asset-side Bank Runs and Liquidity Rationing: A Vicious Cycle AFA 2018
(previously circulated under the title “Managing Bank Run Risk: The Perils of Discretion”)

2.Quantifying Reduced-Form Evidence on Collateral Constraints
with Sylvain Catherine, Thomas Chaney, David Sraer, and David Thesmar
Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Finance

3.Dynamic Optimal Taxation with Endogenous Skill Premia NASM 2016
with Jason Ravit and Michael Sockin

4.Haircuts and Credit Risk over the Cycle [Slides] ESWC 2015

5.The Risk of Implicit Guarantees: Evidence from the Shadow Inter-bank Market in China
with Xiang Shao and Ji Huang